Finally got to play around with CSS grid today. Only dipped my toe in but it's very promising. Just have to test it a ton since I still need to support IE11 😒

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    IE still fucks over the entire webDev business. It should rot in binary hell.

    Even my boss starts to hate it and he lately says we'll stop support for it in the upcoming projects. Finally.
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    We can dictate which browsers our clients use, and that's awesome. We love them.

    Also. Please kill IE with fire and shoot everyone that uses it in the back of their head
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    @wildebeest I desperately want to. The app I'm using this in probably doesn't need to be IE11 compatible anymore. I'm going to pull some browser data out of Google Analytics and make the case that we should drop support for it in our next major release.

    I have another couple of apps that leverage Java applets 🤢 so those will have to support IE11 for a bit longer. In protest, I have completely forbidden Java from everything above the database layer, so I've got that going for me, which is nice
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    Just hope someone builds a babel for CSS grid that works, and gets built as a standard in web
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