Dear Client.

Please don't whine why your site is down, you haven't paid us in like 3 months, and its on the contract that you signed, we only have limited patience.

sincerely yours,

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    is this a template or was it an error?
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    Payment or embarrassment or lawsuit.
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    @stop its a template
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    @fuck2code a friend of mine got sued by a client after he put a "[Client] hasn't paid us for half a year" notice instead of their site. The client obviously lost, had to pay like 3x what they owed and no web dev firm wanted to work with them for like a year so they just didn't have a website for a while.
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    @franga2000 If it would happen in my country the client is most likely to win. Denigration (I don’t know the phrase) they would say
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    @godot that's the law in UK too, if anyone publicly name and shame a debtor then the debt becomes null and void, and they can sue you for damaging their reputation. Well, that's what I was told anyway.
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    @cervantes01 Only works if the shit that’s being said isn’t true. Common misconception about defamation of character is it applies to facts too, it doesn’t.
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