I bought tickets ahead of time to see Infinity War, got to the theater early, and the usher told me "we are sold out. Buying tickets ahead of time doesnt buy you a seat"
On a scale of 1-10 guess how ready I am to freak out

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    What the fuck is this bullshit
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    Probably about 1

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    Take a note not to visit them again, that's no way to treat a customer.
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    You bought infinity wars movie ticket before hand or did you buy tickets before hand to see infinity wars?
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    @okkimus the showing was at 11:30am, I bought my tickets online at 9am - that kind of "ahead of time"
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    But did you buy specifically to that movie? Or did you buy batch of tickets (like 5 tickets which are valid for like 6 months and little bit lower price)?

    If the first option, that movie theatre is shit. And if you paid the money on the spot, you should maybe look in to it to make something happen against them.
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    Isn't there a one-to-one correspondence between a ticket and a seat ?
    Buying a ticket means getting/reserving a seat.
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    @ViRaS correct, they actually violated their own terms of service
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    @okkimus yes, I specifically bought the two tickets for that movie at that showing in an exclusive theater, the "Xtreme" theater - which is also more expensive than a regular theater
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    Well...that sucks hard.

    I don't know about the place you live in, but in my country there's consumer's care office(?) which takes care of that people don't get screwed by companies. If there's a same kind of thing, I would contact them fast! :) Especially if they are violating their ToS (take screenshots of it now! :D)
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    @okkimus Finland rocks 🤘
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