I guess I'll just change my dad then...

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    Beter pick one with a special character in his name.
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    this happened to me but with birth month:

    birth month of your dad?
    answer must be 4 characters or longer.
    uh... mayyyy
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    Some people just choose a random question and provide a bogus answer... It's not like anyone's keeping track
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    Paul Walker?
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    Passwords suck.
    We should all have followed Stallman.

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    @lolicon be happy it's not 29th of february.. that shit is scarry..
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    "Security" question.
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    If you are lucky enough, that validation might be made on the front-end side.
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    Paull it is then
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    @lolicon what a shitty question is it? You can try it 12 times and access anyways
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    Randomly generate your security question answers. Extra layer of security. Last Pass for the win.
    Father’s middle name: a?$&2,a0&2
    Good luck socially engineering that one.
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    I would run a SHA256 on that 😅
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