Who the fuck uses IE now? Why.. I mean seriously. Why?

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    If you're a sysadmin, its far easier to support IE only than it is to support numerous browsers all phoning home to their respective update endpoints. End users are less likely to install their own browser in a business setting, therefore in an enterprise environment its good practise to support it.
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    @monr0e Follow-up question: Why don't the sysadmins use atleast Windows 10 then ?
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    @FilipeRamalho Because it's not always easy to update many posts in a company. Just for information, some still run XP machines for specifics reasons (as well as AS400, but that's something else).

    @Alice You beat me by 12 seconds. I shall challenge you to duel!
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    @Alice thanks

    I actually use, like it
    Cuz chrome won't open. Too many tabs opened there
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    @kgrvr windows key > hibernate

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    @Alice wewlad
    I'm gonna go put on my C++hainma-- Segmentation Fault
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    *throws white glove in @Alice's face*

    "How dare you, you... You pink demon!"
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    @monr0e School system admin here, we support all major browsers, does not add support cost or bandwidth issues. In fact it actually reduces support cost because alot of websites don't work in IE, plus users get to use the same browser they use at home.
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    @kgrvr just add a polyfill system and be done with it, if they want to use an outdated browser let them, who gives a rats ass if it's slow for them, maybe if your lucky it will be an incentive for then to upgrade their browser.
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    I use to download chrome. Lame Joke. Yeah, That's me.
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    @gitlab IE is a torturous punishment by Microsoft to the developers and people for using their product ..
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    @FilipeRamalho some places do use Windows 10. I would not support it, and would move users to a Linux variant with as close to a windows-like UI as possible.

    Windows 10 is a seriously problematic approach to OS design. Windows-as-a-Service means that a lot of business-critical infrastructure is at the mercy of Microsoft, which is bad for business. At the same time, not having the same level of granular control over updates leaves any computer, not just an enterprise computer, at risk of no longer being operational.

    I refuse to ever support Windows 10, and my business states as much. The lost business is far, far preferable to the headache that is Windows of today.
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    @gitlab you're in an educational environment. That's a far cry from a business environment, and you have slightly different objectives. In an enterprise environment, you could have forms of SSO that only work in IE (like Hewlett Packard does), or infra that cannot be exposed to unapproved sources (like chrome update paths). Instead of spending time and money, both of which are already in short supply, its simpler and not particularly drastic to simply refuse to support or outright ban other browsers.

    Your kids might be used to a browser, but does that really matter? They put an address in the address bar, and hit the enter key. If the whinge about it being different, that isn't your problem. Besides, variety is the spice (or in this case, the rancid milk) of life.
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    @monr0e we don't care about pages looking different, what we have a problem with is the fact that many of our educational websites just straight up don't work in IE
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    Well every single government or nation wide websites run perfectly in IE in korea. If you want a IE developer position, come here
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    @gitlab that's a more reasonable reason. Even then, I'd personally be building a package that doesn't automatically update, and doesn't spawn threads like a catholic rabbit. Perhaps a limit on the number of tabs open at any given time, too.
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