Just saw Infinity war, what a sad ending :/

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    Here's a meme you may enjoy then.
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    Yep. It was totally unexpected
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    I freaking loved the end.
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    @azous I've not actually seen it, but I've had it "spoiled" (can't really spoil it if I don't actually give a shit lol). From what I've been told, it's a bit unexpected. So I'd love it.

    I hate superhero movies because it's the same: Introduce character. They have some action. They meet villain. They fight. Hero almost loses. Hero struggles and barely comes back to save the day.

    But this movie. This kinda breaks the cliche of superhero movies. And I may actually go watch it.
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    @jhh2450 yeah, just like one apocalyptic movie with Nicolas Cage where the world ends and fuck it. End of the movie :)
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    The theatre was dead quiet for the last 20 minutes. And those audience was even filled with idiots who didn't get the deep references to previous movies and laughed at everything
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    I might be on the monority here (although seeing how much they sold, I don't think so), but I really enjoy these action/comedy films, they are much more entertaining for me than those Oscar-awarded ones.
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    @aritzh same feeling, I watch these heroes movies to have fun, I know they don't have stories that deep, but I still enjoy
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    @azous Drive Angry? What a movie
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    @jhh2450 sad but true :/
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