Today I was working on a laptop. I needed to uninstall a program because i had to install the newest version of it. That process usually takes 2 hours, but 3 hours passed and the uninstall was still at 35%. I went on the task manager to see if I could figure out what is running on the laptop, that's when I saw this.... This laptop has been on for 314 days. This cannot be a normal thing to do on a laptop specially when running Windows. Why do this?

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    It's holding up pretty well I guess
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    Nevermind there is a software that uninstalls 2 hours, wtf!?
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    @dontPanic I know right what a trooper
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    @martikyan I meant it take like 2 hours to uninstall and then install the new version of the software. It's called Solidworks, it's like AutoCAD but for used for manufacturing.
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    What? 300+ days? What is this sorcery you're using to avoid windows updates?
    Also tried to install the automatic nVidia driver update instead of the manual one once. It stopped making progress almost immediately, without using any cpu or disk time. And there's no way to cancel that, had to reboot
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    Windows writes the kernel into a hibernation file, and restores it on boot. The "feature" is called FastBoot. That is how it preserves the uptime, as the kernel never really "stops" running.
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    When you really don't want to update xDD
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