This will always hold a special place in my heart.. Makes me so nostalgic every time. It's what got me into computers

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    what I remember from this game was 1) dog food is healthy
    2)Nazis were way ahead of their times in door technology
    3) The big boss man not only must have super big guns, but should also be buff AF.
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    @tysa my additions
    4. Bricks can slide into each other. In fact even JKRowling adapted this into her book.
    5. Never walk into a room of nazi soldiers cluster fucking, instead lure them out by shooting in an adjacent room.
    6. Always, always remember the rooms and create a mental map
    7. Keep sliding along the walls at 45 degrees slamming into the space key as fast as possible.
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    This game is epic, bro!
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    8) Regardless of your body, if your face is not bleeding, you're fine
    9) when Germans die, they throw out their ammo in packed cartons
    10) German shepherds are essentially Nazi sympathizers
    11) regardless of how bad your condition is, you must look like a badass.
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    12. A man can carry hundreds of trophies and jewel chests, but only limited bullets
    13. Nazi soldiers put their gun in their pockets while moving around.. Every time.. Imagine doing that in real life.. So fucking moronic
    14. Achtung
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    I always thought its name is doom. thanks now I will refer to it as wolf.
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    @rookiemaverick your childhood has been for nothing.. Go redeem yourself.. Play it now
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    @manrock007 dude the only games I played are: wolf (I called it doom throught, both versions) prince of persia, aladin, project igi, and cs. pretty much never touched an xbox play station etc. I forgot to mention mario and contra
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