"At Microsoft, we care about your privacy." 不
Those were days.

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    It still does though
    Unlike Google, Microsoft makes sure it uses telemetry data for fixing bugs, albeit it sucks at it and windows 10 is more buggy than ever :v
    at msft your crashes are used to fix bugs
    at google, you're the product, a part of the business model
    different stuff no?
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    What's buggy? Could you clarify please. @azuredivay
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    @intromatt Ive a surface book 2, 8th gen i7 and 16gbs of memory. The system still lags and drags and the cursor has a split second delay even on idle.
    Gets way worse when I decide to open a project or two on VS + tabs on any browser. OS particularly suffers with edge
    This was an issue fixed a few updates ago, randomly comes back with another update.
    I've a whole list of feedbacks ive submitted on feedback hub from CPU loops on certain UWP APIs being accessed in a certain way to unreliability of OS services a lot of apps depend on, including windows.
    If they manage to fix the said bugs, it's often too late and is usually accompanied by a bigger list of bugs
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