What to do when you somehow can't align 3 goddamn icons side by side?

You take a screenshot of them three when they are aligned and you set this image as the button instead.

Who managed to hire such incompetents??

(screen is me dragging the "icons")

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    No words can describe what I just read
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    I remember when this kind of thing wasn't so uncommon. You would use single image for menu or something and then use map for hyperlinks.

    This is how it works for those who aren't old enough: https://w3schools.com/tags/...
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    Shitty bastards.
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    @arraysstartat1 I remember this. So much work though.
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    @arraysstartat1 Yes but now, instead of triggering 3 actions according to where you click, it only triggers one action

    I totally forgot about mapping links tho, but I have STRONG reasons to believe that they wouldn't know how to do this...
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    Imho this whole feature-set these icons would provide should be banned..😜
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    @daintycode well at first it was 3 different icons that did one different thing each. But now...
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