New to linux

So I deleted all of my games, pron, and installers just to free up some space for testing dual boot in my laptop.

I will study all the basic commands in terminal and make use of my time to coding.

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    One little thing: Make sure you learn how to use grep! Absolutely awesome tool that saves hours of time.
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    @PrivateGER Thanks! I had given up on windows and focus on getting in to bandwagon. Maybe a couple of months, I'll go deeper to debian or ubuntu. It says linux mint is the safest route.
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    @Clueless Yup, I started with Mint too. What DE did you choose?
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    You inspire me.

    I have dream, that one day I will be a Linux power user.
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    @PrivateGER I'm not very familiar to that "DE" , But I chose Cinnamon. I'd like to test it first for educational purposes. I just want to explore these in my free time.

    When I heard that Lenovo laptops were buggy to install linux, I had given up.

    But when I tried it. I somehow can fix it.
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    @Clueless Cinnamon is good. Looks good and is fast. I used KDE.
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    Grep, awk, pipe etc are your best friends 😂
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    To start learning bash programming try this simple hello world script:
    sudo echo "Hello World" > /dev/sda

    (Pls don't do it, it's just a joke)
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