Me: buys a cold bottle of Sprite™ to freshen me up on a hot day
Me: drinks from said beverage
Sprite™: is cucumber flavoured
Me: ...
My inner slav: oy cyka it is good

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    Diabetes incoming
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    @AlexDeLarge think again bitch, im allergic 2 sugar hah
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    But sprite is lemon flavored, no?
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    @PonySlaystation Most people buy Sprite Zero anyways - the cucumber flavoured and mint flavoured ones are only available as zero, so no sugar and no diabetes.

    Check out the dutch version of Sprite - it has no sugar anymore and has 0 kcal. They ditched Light and Zero and just put the zero version as regular. Quite amazing and it really works.

    I hope they'll do the same with the other sodi-pops and also in other countries.
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    This reminds me to swing by the store later and get a few more bottles of this.

    it is rly good, blin
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    idi nahuy cyka blyat pey vodku
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    @fml89 #notsponsored
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    I feel this shouldn't be on devRant and I can't justify the upvotes. It's like posting on the wrong subreddit. Sorry, just being honest.
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    @beggarboy while your opinion is perfectly valid and should be respected, i cant help but
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    @sharktits kaloriamentes, what inner slav baszod :D
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    @webdev kibaszott feherorosz gopnik vagyok, jo?!?!?!
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    @sharktits most osszezavartal :D
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    Slavaboos everywhere ...
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    @webdev am nem, csak egy ideje itt szerbiatol 5 percre lakom szal ramragadt :D
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    Now your inner hungarian come out)
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