Glassdoor is the perfect example of how annoying, even just opening a website can be, first it asks for your permission to use your location, then half the screen is filled with a cookie agreement and after you clicked it all away, you get a "download our app" filling just 30% of your screen, now that you clicked that all away, you may use the website, ludicrous.

edit: well fuck, just noticed the app message glitched away when taking the screenshot, you get the idea though

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    Don't you think most website these days behave same?
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    @Floydian I think this one hits the exclusive highscore with putting all possible popups to use
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    I also really hate that as soon as you want to look at more than 2 reviews of a company you have to create an account and start doing extra shit.

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    @JoshBent I wonder what their employees must be posting about Glassdoor on Glassdoor.
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    @JoshBent @Floydian
    There is Something called internshala !
    U will know this guy's competitor
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    If you join, they will keep on emailing you for new reviews
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    @Nawap I know. Local Indian version.
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    @JoshBent it's sad when a useful site behaves like that. I find Glassdoor helpful.
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    I think there’s some plug -ins that allow to pass those « create an account » type of things (like on pinterest)
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    @teganburns exactly, have a button and then request the permission, it shouldnt be triggered on page load, those mobile app popups are too intrusive imho and is a signal that they can't make a uniform experience across devices, without having to rely on having the app
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