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    It's valid because of the xy-problem :D

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    I like this alot
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    I recently posted a question without code. At the start of the question I made clear it was a deep question about the framework itself and I currently had no code to post.

    -4 no code
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    @RantSomeWhere no I guess not, it's a repost

    and I hate reposts
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    A guy answered one of my questions on stack. The answer was on a totally different track (not relevant) to my question; which was clearly explained and outlined. I left a comment telling him why it wasn’t relevant, while someone else downvoted he’s answer. He then went on to dislike ALL of my posts on stack. I found out because they were removed some months later with a message from stack implying it.


    Stack is full of angry docs-copy-pasting indian guys looking for likes to get a job. This is not stereotyping. It’s true, and you know it.

    I left stack a long time ago, the community is broken. Good formulated questions and answers which are not written for a child to understand are often downvoted. Docs-copy-pasting is the way to go there....
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    @keefoo great comment and welcome to devRant! 😂
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