“Hey congratulations, they want you to come in for an interview in Leeds this week - you’re happy to relocate right?”

Ace! Sure, I’m open to it, since they know I’m in London are they OK with a FaceTime / Skype call?

“No, they would like a face to face”

Sure no problem, as it’s a last minute ticket it’s going to be about £90 return are they OK to cover my train expenses? It’s about a 3 hours each way.

“Um...probably not. I can ask, also they need you to wear a suit Mon to Thursday but they have dress down Friday.”

..um, I can wear whatever they need that’s fine, it’s just a tad unusual. Let me know about the travel.

..but they agreed to your rate.



? Am I being unreasonable? I thought it was quite a large upfront investment and risk to ask.... 6 hours travelling and £90

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    move to the next one. London has a lot of small startups that don't need suits...
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    @AlexDeLarge exactly, they ask me to absorb all the risk, while there’s still every chance of them getting it wrong and “no longer need me,” then I’ve wasted an entire day and am down £90.
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    @zickig I know right?! She tried to make it out it was “their industry”. I’ve not worn a suit during my entire Dev career... It would have been really weird putting on a tie to code.
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