You think code is complicated?
Wait till you import a wife.

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    Make sure to implement error handling 🤣
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    I always run my significant other on a seperate thread, that way if it crashes the main thread is not affected
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    Excuse you. We're not all complicated. I either need a hug, coffee, tequila, or a nap. And if I'm given the wrong one, I still function a bit longer before I force shutdown.

    My code is a temperamental bitch who seems to like to screw with my emotions.
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    @segfault0xff ooh you'll need it.

    @seriously hahah DONT put her on the main thread, UI wont be able handle itleading to things like Erectile Dysfunction 😂

    @QueenMorgana believe me the permutations and combinations of a hug, tequila, coffee or a nap are enough to make you cpmplex, buuut, i believe you....for now
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    @darkMatter not even permutations. Legitimately, I run on those 4 things. And pizza.
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