That moment when you would get graded 4.5/5, but you got 3.5 because you made a joke about Java.

Did you know that back in the good ol' days (1-2 years ago lol) - If you wanted to have a function with optional parameters, you would need to create an overload without that parameter?

Which isn't that bad, until you realize that a function with 4 optional arguments would require 16 overloads (basically n^2).

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    Did you know that back in the good old days (around 10 years ago), you could actually look things up and realize that lombok exists and you can use @Nullable?

    Did you know that back in the good fucking old days (like since java was released), you could pass A MOTHERFUCKING NULL IF YOU DIDNT WANT TO USE AN ARGUMENT?

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    Be fucking happy with your grade, i would have failed you on spot
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    404 joke not found
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    @sharktits Yeah, did you know that this wouldn't work if you wanted to use default values for arguments, unless you would have an 'if' for each of them?

    You literally would have to do:

    if( a == null ) { -- set default value }
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    @sharktits Java is so flexible.

    You either have n^2 overloads or n if's.
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    @yendenikhil Varargs would require you to remember the order of each argument, because no linter nowadays will highligh them in a sensible way - you'll literally see 'params[] args' as your only argument as opposed to 'int a, int b, int c' etc.
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    Perhaps because default arguments are c++ feature
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    @sharktits Not only.

    Also, I fail to see how that makes my argument invalid.
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    If you fail to see how complaining about something not in a solution, what is not a language feature, makes it invalid, then i feel sorry for you.
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    @sharktits I bet you are that guy in class who always wears a 'Java' tshirt and puts fingers in his ears whenever someone makes a valid point.

    If you were actually making a point, I wouldn't notice because of the arrogance you fill your messages with.
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    Me: gives a valid solution
    You: this is shit because it doesnt do something the language is not designed to do
    Me: uh
    You: ur mom gay
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    @sharktits I don't want to play the age card but are you 10?

    What this conversation basically looks like is:

    Me: tells you that java lacks an essential feature seen in most modern languages.

    You: says java isn't designed to have it.

    Me: still the same opinion, java has a flawed design.
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    Im 12 and a half and this conversation aint progressing anywhere so see ya.
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