Just got a warning email from OneDrive saying my account would be frozen soon because I had used 28.1Gb of my alotted 5Gb...

Erm... First off, I do not use OneDrive. I use Google Drive and JottaCloud. I have actively tried to get RID of OneDrive in Win10, with all those damn notifications all the time.

Secondly, I guess it's nice that if you DO use OD and hit the limit, they don't just cut you off instantly. But nearly 500% overuse seems a little late to react, no?

So I logged in and looked around to find out what the hell was in there. Turns out, MS had decided to upload my entire images folder. I did not ask them to do that. Deleted them, but will have to check the damn OD service when I get home so I can KILL IT!

And I am going to have (yet another) talk with MS support as well, I think...

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    I think that the default settings in Win10 is to upload all documents and things deemed important by M$. Even some game files/date end up there for no reason

    If you find a solution to permanently get rid of it, i would love a link!
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    @Jilano Alright, I'll see what I find out :-)
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    I had that on android back in the 5. grade with googles picasa or something like that.

    I only found out about this like many years later and those were some cute videos and images (in 180p quality)
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    Nice that they don't uploaded porn folder)
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    @Pogromist It's well hidden ;-)
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    Go to 'uninstall programs'
    Find office
    Select 'change'
    Remove the onedrive component and keep the rest.

    Alternatively go to Task Scheduler and stop OneDrive from starting at logon.
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    Download win10privacy and just disable it. You maybe have to reuse it after every major update from Windows. But all in all useful tool.
    https://www.winprivacy.de (but also in english and other languages available)
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