We used to use Trello for our team boards and was starting to transition to Gitlab's issues for better code integration...

I became aware that my boss was being "demanded" to have a better analytics of our team performance so I started digging more insightful issue/tasks software like YouTrack ( Jetbrains ) and Jira ( Atlasian ).

After 2 months of trial and learning I suggested we go with YouTrack.

"We" are now using it for about 6 months already and it is a fucking mess.

My peers have no clue how to scrum, even after my efforts to teach them and they even spent a fucking 3 days workshop about it on fucking Google (!?!?) without me ( there is a rant about it ).

My boss is a nice person but the dude lacks any trace of competence to manage anyone other than him.

I'm tired of babysitting a man that is 10 years older than me and has a car that costs almost 10x mine.

I'm two days back from vacation and I almost rage quited 5 times.

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    First of all don't rage quit because it will cause you to be remembered negatively (making any decisions while being angry is a bad idea in general).

    I've been in a similar situation where it's next to impossible to improve things, because people would just be lazy. Try making individuals accountable and verify whether they have been keeping to their promises. Make people say themselves what they are going to do in a public setting. Finally, you should investigate what detriments can be enforced if they don't follow up. Positive reinforcement doesn't really work in the long term, cause people get used to it.

    If nothing helps, it's time to move on. But don't burn bridges and don't make things personal.
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    . subscribing in case any good recommendation pop up in comment.
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    Move to a tropical island and farm pineapples, be happy.
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    @azous considering the activity of this thread, I should listen to you 🤔
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