Sometimes we woulg get a request which involves adding something or changing something to a rather large and poorly made codebase which me and my lead have not had the time to change.

This b how shit goes:

* the lead gets a call after an email was sent with apparently only 5 secs of response time( inpatient fucks)

* lead calls me in next to his station to listen to the call

* i b listening and shit, not even taking notes and shit, looking all secret weapon and shit.
Texas as fuck.

* lead puts shit on hold and looks at me

Lead: "Allright. You know the codebase as well as I do, what you think?"

Me: pffft gimme 30 mins and Ill whip out yo solution

Lead: we positive on the estimate?

Me: as positive as the Texas Rangers sucking ass but we still love em, fuck the Astros

Lead: there is only room for one team

Me: only one

**fist bump

* goes back to the call:

Lead: yeah its gonna take 2 days at most.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we do finish them in 30 mins. The trick is in doing it extra fast so we have enough time to fuck around or do some other shit and to make it seem like we do some hard shit. After maybe 6 hours we tell them that we managed to fix it before time.


Btw me and the lead tall about whatever while we code the stuff, most of the time I do it since my boy has heavy eye problems and I want him to relax. He has been training me a lot in regards to knowing the codebase, before I got here it was only him for two fucking campuses and the man did an outstanding job. My boy got my ass and I got his.

Teamwork, the southern gentleman's way.


P.d while coding it he said the one of the file sizes was too big to handle, i said "das what she said" and our female manager said "i heard that".......i could have sworn that she gave me a lil wink. Well damn.

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    while reading this, I saw your avatar in my peripherals wearing texan boots lol
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    I understood jackshit from this post but somehow i wanna go watch texas ranger now
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    Well. overestimate, and deliver early is the best dev strategy.
    Other than that - you guys should refactor the codebase, as you have spare time....
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    @magicMirror we really should, but it needs to be time given by the school, not time we make ourselves. We want the school to stop fucking with us every 5 mins and let us finish what needs to be done. Else we will prob just continue to let our time run hostage :P we might do it out of sheer boredom.
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    @AleCx04 I used to sneak refactors under the radar of 300% inflated estimates of small to medium bugs fixes. Just don't get too big fer yer boots, and try to refactor everything at once.
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    @sharktits then i did my job here.
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    @JoshBent i do wear boots :P
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    @magicMirror you said it man
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