Javascript developer interview

One of the RH interviewers started asking about myself, personal information, etc..

He : well, let me introduce you our tech lead, he will make you some question about JS

Me : alright

Tech Lead : ummm, do you know javascript?

Me : yes..?

Tech Lead : ok, cool. We will call you.

I got the job..

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    @CoffeeNcode I explained this to a recruiter once by saying, “Java is to JavaScript as car is to carpet.”
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    @blockchaintacos that’s actually petty funny
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    Seriously man?
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    I know Javascript, can I join the company now?
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    That's a good prank opportunity at the first day.
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    As a manager I have to say, Technical tests for Junior are useless. For seniors, they have little add value.

    I always ask 3 tech question, for non-juniors, like:
    * what's the difference between map/forEach | myIsam/InnoDB | SetTimeout(0, fn)/setImmediate(fn)
    * What's the design pattern you have implemented the most? | What's your preferred Design Pattern and why?
    * How do you use the debugger in node/js?

    Then the only way to know if someone can do the job is, by trying to do the job! If he isn't fit for it, we part ways...

    And for juniors, the mindset is the most important part. Skills, if they don't have them, they can learn them. If they don't have the mindset, they'll never learn/get it.
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    Oh hey, looks like you were interviewed by my boss
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    @CoffeeNcode huaheuha made me smile motherfucker
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    There is the correct dress code for interview
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