what is most valuable thing you have learnt on any social networking site?

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    Likes matter, and privacy is a cheap price to pay for keeping in touch with people you barely know 😁
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    They steal ur data and sell it to other companies
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    On social skills, I learned how to ignore haters, ignorants, and narrow-minded people forcing their opinions on you.

    On the mind blowing side, I saw that the social media sites suggesting me to buy stuff that I have searched for it through a search engine!
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    That nobody gives a shit about your opinion and you shouldn't give a shit about theirs.
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    I could make a joke, but I feel I just want to set devrant into the front of all implied and mentioned social networks so far and I have learned a ton from other ranters, git annex being the most recent one coming to mind, there's a lot of devs around here that all know their own parts, learning from that has been probably the easiest and best way to explore new technologies
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    "People, what a bunch of bastards."
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    never trust anyone!
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    That it's a business, and that I want to try myself there. That's why I'm releasing my own😉. Privacy first, connecting remote parts of the world second, give more people work third
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    I learned how to actually say no or fuck it when a social network does too much tracking etc, regardless of what social status/issues that might give me.
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    It's that social networking does more harm than good.
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    to avoid them at all cost
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