Broke the return key today.
Already feeling like the employee or the year.

Point of no return.

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    All ye who ENTER here shall never RETURN!
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    I hate the fact I enjoyed both of those puns...
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    Well, with a regular 15 notebook you would have another Enter key, on numpad... Sadly a 14" size doesn't allow to fit it in the shell.
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    -great pun

    -fuk those return keys

    -please tell me that's not a newer lenovo D=
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    You can buy an external enter key: https://devrant.com/rants/953440/...
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    @cafecortado I remember that post. It's fucking brilliant!
    My SteelSeries keyboard is solid as a tank. I honestly don't see a way to break it without a hammer 😁
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    I have the same laptop as this, but my fans broke. Got it from the company, I'm quite new and only had this laptop for two weeks. Fans just won't work :(
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    Maybe you should....... Return it......

    Oh god, I'm turning into one of them -.-
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    @noobxgenesis you've returned to the point of no return 8)
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    @noobxgenesis oh God...😂
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    Did the same on my T450s about two months after warrenty vanished ... Got a replacement keyboard within a day for free :)

    I think you can push through, just don't break any more lines for a day 😆
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    The key that suffers the most is the cursor up one for me. Going through the command history like you get chased.
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    That pun 👌
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    Finally some original content. Good job, had a chuckle.
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    @finiteAutomaton You might like Ctrl-R, it allows you to search your bash history (pretty sure it works for most shells).
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    I... I actually laughed out loud to those puns...
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    Welp. It seems we have ENTERED the pun zone.
    I'm shapeSHIFTing. I wanna RETURN BACK to normal, but I just can't CTRL it. Some1, please F1 me. I beg U. [caps]LOCK it.
    I'm infecting the SPACE of my HOME with my horrible puns. Open a WINDOW.

    Ok I'll END it 4 now. I think I ESCAPED it. My normal FUNCTIONS are BACK to normal. I think. Or maybe ![not].

    I PLAY the KEYBOARD, btw. And also the drum [num]PADS.

    Ok. I INSERTED every possible joke I could ever put related to keyboards. I'll STOP now.

    But before that, I'll PRINTSCREEN this rant.

    ...God damnit.
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    Just plant an ARROW in my chest.
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    you are WIN-ing




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    @zlice Thanks :D
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    @zlice a SUPER pun, whew this is getting META!
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    all these's puns

    it was F8

    omfg yes i just did
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    How did you managed to broke a key in a thinkpad t?! They are strong as steel!
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    @zlice quite a F5 pun (quite refreshing!)
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    They don't make them like they used too...
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    @slinkydeveloper yeah, in a T450.
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    @starrynights89 Well, my keyboard is made like that 8) It's strong as hell! You can punch it with your head if you want. I mean, the big head 😁
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    @ColonelPhantom Yes. Even though I know about it, I am still not used to it. Most often I only need the last couple of commands and so it still hasnt entered muscle memory.
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    What's the layout and language of that keyboard ? Just curious.
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    Past the point of no return, the final threshold
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    That pun physically hurt me.
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    Upvoted for the pun alone. Also, how bad a day was it to hit return that hard?
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