I'm not sure what to think of this. Buzzwords everywhere I guess.

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    Wont be long before robo-sexual appear as a category.
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    LOL. I feel like I've scrolled past that one few years ago?
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    @corscheid i didn't click it, it was just a quick random visit on ph, i dont remember how i ended up there while talking with my friend. With cam on. Both straight males. Fully clothed. Only i had a boner. This is getting weird. Ill stop.
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    Needs to be agile and involve the cloud to be relevant.
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    @nightowl Also serverless and Blockchain
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    Well what can i say, Google Assistant is one smooth mf!
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    If there's no real intelligence...
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    So how should porn star intelligence be classified ?
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    But do they use machine learning?
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