So we finished our requirement ( barely) for a new client. Next is data modelling and system design.

We started with data modelling. Unfortunately the lead developer does not know the difference between database and data modelling.

me: hey bro, we'll do the database and stuff later, now let's focus on data modelling.

him: (acting like he knows) yeah I have developed a sample design for the "data model".

me: no this is database design.

him: what's the difference?

me: dude, they're totally different. Okay, simple explanation data model is what you want to store, whereas DB design is how you store it.

him: So, if I am not wrong, it's implied that you know what to store if you are talking about how to store it.

me: but you don't know what it is you want to store yet. And one of them precedes the other.

him: Okay, let's start with DB design.

me: What?????? you want to build a house without a plan??? That's it for me I am done !!!

I left the project yesterday, later I heard that, the team members are coders, who think that developing a software is all about coding and fixing errors.

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