Wrote my friend Sam a letter when I was still working in support. I think it still holds up today.


Dear Sam,

I understand that you will join us in our overseas office. Congratulations on landing that job. It’s good steady work. I’ve been doing it for the last ten years.

Your still young so maybe I can give you some little wisdom that will help you in your working years to come.

Let me begin by shedding some light on phone calls.

I try. I really do try Sam. But it is getting so hard for me to hold back the rage that builds up during certain phone calls. Especially the ‘Sorry, I just don’t know anything about computers! -giggle-’ ones.

Those are the times that I have no access to what they see. I’ve no team-viewer, can not take over that screen in any other way. And why-oh-why can I not take over that terminal session dear Sam? It’s because the caller can not double-click an icon or find a terminal session number.

And what is the reason for this? Because they ‘just don’t know anything about computers! -giggle-’. This is a sort of get-out-of-jail-free card. Beware of these callers Sam.

There is nothing so nerve-wrecking then finding yourself at the mercy of people describing Internet Explorer (do not even get me started) as ‘the big ‘E’, if they use Chrome for their webmail then they most likely will say ‘Mail’ if they mean Chrome. There is no logic Sam. That is just the way these people work.

They will suck all enjoyment out of your work. They will make you want to hunt them down in dark office hallways and show them your tears Sam. Because cry you will.

Sure, I understand that not everyone can be tech savvy. Why, if everyone would be, where would that leave us? No. I love the technologically challenged. They put the fiber in my internet. They make me LOL for real. After the initial anger subsides anyway.

But just below that well-willing folk, on the other side of that border… there they dwell: Management.

Nice cars, suits and iphones Sam. First thing a new manager will require is a brand spanking new business-card. It will hold his/her new title. Then an iphone or overpriced android model will follow suit.

Then they will barge into your office, holding it like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

Any manager will automatically assume that you will drop anything you are doing at the present moment to acknowledge the presence of greatness. Failing to do so will result in awkward yet fulfilling situations. I recommend that you do not take your hands of the keyboard and give only the slightest of nods after 5 minutes of complete silence and glaring.

Well… you feel the glare. You do not glare yourself. You do not break eye-contact with the monitor. It does not even matter if you are typing for real or not. I once clicked away happily for 5 minutes. I just typed ‘he is still there’ over and over again. Do not break down Sam. This moment will decide your relationship with this individual.

After the nod there will be a flood of words aimed in your general direction. You can disregard anything that is said. It boils down to ‘can not operate device’.

You then take the device from this person and put it next to you on your desk. You’ll ask the name of this simpleton, write it down on a sticky-note, slap that on the phone. Then you’ll write a random date in the not so near future on another sticky and hand that to the bewildered person in front of you.

It will usually utter some incoherent words about ‘needing, time or but’ (I find that ‘but’is a word they like. They tend to use it three or four times consecutive before you usher them through the door).

Now you’ve won Sam. Well… not really. But it will feel good, I can guarantee that.

This must do for now. A new suit is glaring at me for the last five minutes.

Felt good to do something productive with this time.

Take care,


P.s. I just noticed that there is some foam around his mouth. So if you encounter this, don’t worry: it seems to be perfectly normal.

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    Forgive me if I find your painful letter enjoyable, but this Seems like something out of lord of the rings.

    Welcome to DevRant!
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    Haha, thank you very much kind sir. I can be somewhat long-winded at times. ;)
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    That's awful yet hilarious. Welcome, have a ++!
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    Damn that was a real nice surprise! Superb read!
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    This......this is a good rant. This shit is gold my dude!! Welcome!!

    I must say though :( that I am sorry for all the hell you must have been through.

    And welcome!!
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    Beautiful rant and story!
    Welcome to devRant! 😎
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome!
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    Epic rant!

    One thing though: isn't "foam" the gas-bubbles-in-solid kind of stuff, while "froth" is the gas-bubbles-in-liquid kind?
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    I'm Dutch, so I'll take your word for it. :)
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    @kantoor I thought so. I'm Dutch too btw 😉
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    @kantoor, even I started my career from a support job. A high profile support, role and extremely technical, mind you. The expectation before I started off was that I will be working with technology fanatics. The reality was when I ask "what's your IP address? "

    I get "um.. Well I keep moving from place to place, so I own a mailbox. You can note down the mailbox's address. I hope that works for you? I check it almost every week."
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    Kinda makes you well up for those past lifetimes when your existence was dictated merely by a seven figure trust fund. Dang...
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    This.. this was just brilliant 😮
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