It's been 1 month in my first dev job.
I'm really happy but there is one problem...

Despite my role as a full stack dev in a fullstack team, I deal with only frontend stuff so far.

I asked to get some backend tasks from my boss, and he said "in due time".

Is it because I'm a junior? Is it normal?

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    Nah, it's because he doesn't trust you enough or the frontend stuff needs more hands on it.
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    @JKyll one of my new coworker have the same issue.. he's doing frontend all days cause no one trust him :/
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    @Jakuho maybe if he contributed to fix an issue and posted it for merging without no one asking he would get some eyes on him, also making a side project that proves you are a competent full stack (and then showing it off humbly) may help a lot.
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    @JKyll he don't have anything to prove it.. and barely knows any programming language, i have to teach him. Here's the problem
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