My sister is 8 and here's what she told me a couple of days ago

My sis: I can't watch youtube!
Me: yeah, the intranets down.
My sis after 5 min: Google is not working.

This just proves that 1-2-3 graders don't know a fadoodle of what the internet is...

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    I can understand any kid saying stuff like this...it's the grown adults at work who I've heard say these exact words that worry me
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    @soohoonigan this, also she's an 8 year old, she doesn't have a good reason to know how a lot of stuff works.
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    Well, joke's on you - you said "intranets not working"... you didn't say your internet access was disrupted.

    ...I'll see myself out.
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    @theKarlisK What an amazing answer👍
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