Hi devs, newbie here and i want to tell you my story for introduce myself.
I work for a company that develop web-app for managing taxes and sell it to locals cities.
We develop this web-app in Rails framewok and i litterally learned and work with this company from 2 years.
But i'm not happy at all. I was always hated and blamed for my work. My boss always take impossible deadlines and pretend ti finish the work in time, even if i had to overstay at work, even at home, even saturday. I'm not a really smart guy, so i often do dumb errors and I really suffer the nervous burnout and stress. Now i want to change work and i'm search far away from home but still in Italy, like Milan i.e. but i'm still confused. What i should do? I'm the problem?

PS. I want to thanks all of you that with your post get me laugh, inspired me and make me feel part or a great group.
Sorry for my base english

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    There is no "Not smart guy". you have to learn the "how". how to code, how to behave, how to live in general.

    Wish you a good luck. and welcome home ;)
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    @lazyDev Really thank you 😍
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    Welcome :D

    First off all, if your boss is a dick and keeps setting unrealistic deadlines then you're not at fault, he is.

    I'm actually surprised you're still working there after 2 years.

    Everyone makes dumb errors, god i still, after doing this for over a decade, take down production servers once and a while, shit happens, its not what happened that matters, but what you do to resolve it, ideally you'll just resolve the problem at hand and move on and hopefully learn from it.

    Secondly, and i mean this will all the right intentions........ QUIT!

    take that leap, and move on from this stressful position, meeting horrendous deadlines constantly will burn you out so hard you will loose all passion for your work and that is not worth the effort trying to meet a deadline.
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    @C0D4 I really want to quit, hoping someone read my CV and day 'Let's give a chance ti this guy!'
    I'm scared of work with languages i don't know but i also want to learn new things at the same time. Thank you for your comment and support 😊
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    Always have this in mind: you are *not* a machine. No one of us is, you can't be expected to always produce perfect results. Our cognitive process is affected by all sorts of things, so we just can't be consistently optimal. Why there are people that still don't grasp that is beyond me.

    Heck, even machines can fail.

    Value yourself. If you're not happy where you are, go find greener pastures. You're most likely not into any obligation to endure that.
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    I feel like your boss has many specs for you. luckily, the specs are less pleased with your ability. This is what makes problem bigger.

    It will be very difficult to solve, unless you have a very strong mental and ability to deal with it.
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