Well, sh*t.

There is special hell for people using GOTO in C and even more special hell for people using it in *this* context.

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    At least it’s commented 😂
    That’s got to get brownie points somewhere.
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    What is this shit
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    @rEaL-jAsE Yes! The yellow avatar is back. It has been a long time man.
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    "near static unsigned char"

    That a thing?

    I really need to dig into C.
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    @PrivateGER It's code I inherited for one lighting controller. It is pretty old now (development log starts in 2008). It is actually full of such gems.
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    @Cyanide It's specialty regarding to CPU's 16-bit architecture and address space bigger than 16-bit. Therefore you end with near and far jumps and you can force compiler to use one of them (and near is obviously faster for access since it is in CPU native address space). Although widely used on those architectures, near and far are not part of C standard.
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    @argorain Thanks man!
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    A PIC, is't it?
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    Yup, let's call from inline asm without being aware of compiler-generated preamble
    Enjoy your stack issues
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