Happened half a year ago (parents both use Linux although they're very a-techie).

*Dads laptop comes back from store after a repair*
Dad: (on the phone) hello son, could you help me out? they put some weird stuff on my laptop at the repair centre...
Me: Weird stuff? like what?
Dad: It's a virus I think
Me: A virus??
Dad: Definitely a virus!
Me: And what is this virus called?
Dad: Windows 10!
Me: Oh yes coming over asap to get that removed!

I put elementary OS on it again when i went to visit my parents.

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    elementary os is 💛
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    @pretz How long since you last used elementary?
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    @pretz I have heard it sometimes has issues with a specific Wifi hardware vendor but personally I have never experienced anything less than a proper OS. It's like Ubuntu with benefits.
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    @pretz Nahh, I personally dislike Mac because of it's closed source nature. Would never use it out of free will.
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    @coookie well, you heard right. specific=all afaih
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    @linuxxx I'm taking about the design, not Apple as a company
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    @pretz Well, being open source one can fix it or at least look into the issue.
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    @coookie Still a lot of open source software as broken, if not even more so.

    I'd prefer Linux Mint.
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    @iwakirinko And being developers it is in our hands to fix it.

    The whole point of something being open is to involve people and use their collective effort. Tbh I am not aware of any actual oss being broken. If you take the case of elementary, well, I think that's normal. The contributors are individuals who depend on donations, and to pay the bills they gotta work at something else. This is not canonical or any big firm, but people like you and me.
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    Windows is the worst
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    Probably you are not meant to use Linux. If I'm not wrong, every OS might have atleast one bug which is yet to be fixed.

    Benefits of using Linux is, we developers can fix that for ourself instead of waiting for updates.
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    @Gowtham95india lol dude, go sell your shit somewhere else. there are n number of amazing distros out there which has almost zero bugs when you compare with elementary.
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    That only means you haven't explored that distro way too much to the core shit. That's why you are not might able to see a bug. Check bug reported forums of distros.

    One more important thing, I didn't not say "compared to elementary". Your statement "Compared to elementary *this* distros has zero bugs is completely invalid.
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