1% of OSS: “I came across this very common issue which is a pain in the arse, I pulled together this awesome solution for the community, packaged it nicely, here, use it.” - 3 ⭐️ on Github.

The remaining 99%: “I was bored last Sunday so maed zis.” - 10’393 ⭐️ on GitHub.

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    Moral of the story: Pretend you were bored on a Sunday and made something.
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    Got bored on Saturday night and made diz code dat fixes brocode blockages for the lulz before they woke on Sunday bored. #oss #rescued
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    @Alice would you like to build a robot and load the assembly into it? 😛
    Press a button and you have cocoa biscuit cake with marshmallow cheese 😉
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