I got deaf on one ear and semi-deaf on another after bathing and it lasts for two days.

I am going to doctor tomorrow. Wish me luck it's just some minor bug in my ears...

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    Get well soon! Might just be some resident water or dirt - if so, it IS minor, can be fixed within minutes.
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    @Alice LOL thanks :)
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    @ilPinguino I hope so. Thanks for support.
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    Could happen after deep dives, but public swimming pools aren't usually deep enough to cause much harm
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    I had to visit the doctor once because of hearing problems on my left ear for a longer period of time. In the end piping hot water through it at "high speed" did the trick. In my case something in my ear channel was swollen but my hearing didn't fully return even after it was gone.
    Coincidentally this happened a week after the heavy metal festival Wacken Open Air, but that wasn't at fault here.
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    WoooHooo! I can hear!

    It's like switching VGA to 4k resolution! Clear, crisp, high definition sound!

    Anyway, my ears was clogged by grease and it was collected there basically thru my whole life because cleaning by those cotton sticks basically just pushes it inwards. They washed it out and it is just awesome now.

    It's fascinating how my brain adapted to losing higher frequencies in sound. Only now, when there were jump change I can tell how badly I was hearing before.

    Wow, just wow.

    Anyway, thanks for support!
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