God virgin media are useless:

Me: “hello how long is left in my contract”
VM: “you have three months left, may I ask why”
Me: “this is now the 3rd day in two weeks I have had no broadband I’m looking to swap to someone more reliable”
VM: “ I’m sorry to hear that I’ll check our system to see what I can do for you”
2 mins on hold
VM: “hello mr day we can offer you a special offer of doubling your internet speed for only £5 a month”
Me: “how does that help with the fact I have no internet”
VM: “well it won’t but we have an engineer looking at the problem and we estimate it will be fixed by 17:05”
Me: “thanks but no thanks, what’s the early exit fee”


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    Need to get that last drop of juice before you leave, eh
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    I don't have much issue with them tbh but then I have the home worker option so priority repairs.
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    Same with every ISP tbh. We’re stuck with Sky (not even fibre!) and it drives me insane.

    We had an OpenReach engineer out the other day because sky’s system identified a fault - turns out some dippy sod had plugged our line into a different property at the exchange box. *facepalm*
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    @Brolls We has that issue last month, had no phone line as they disconnected the wrong one as it was linked wrongly in the cabinet 🙄
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    Why you have to pay to exit? Just.. Unplug and find new ISP
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    @gajahterbang because it’s a contract? You have to pay to exit the contract.
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    I would have answered: Well, two times zero is still zero
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    Glad I averted that disaster. Get hyperoptics if it's available
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    @angryMoFo wish gigabit providers were quicker. I guess it's difficult for them to rapidly expand. The whole OpenReach system did and Virgin idag available in a lot of places so there is no *real* competition. Whether it's EE, TalkTalk or BT, they can only compete on price and can't even lay cables themselves to attract customers.
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