These god damn idiots!11!!

Why, for duck sake, php-fpm and xdebug are using the same standard port 9000?

There are thousands of different ducking ports you could choose from!

So each developer who wants to debug his php app served by php-fpm, has to adjust the port for xdebug on something like 9001 or 10000.


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    Who the fuck uses fpm over TCP? Use socket instead.
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    That's a nice hint, thanks.
    Our nginx Docker container is currently configured to fastcgi pass on port 9000.

    I will suggest to adjust it on a socket, to my team.
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    Do you know if PHP runs outside that container?

    Otherwhise, you can actually change the tcp port that php runs on.
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    It runs inside the container.
    My first thought was to apply this configuration

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