Y'all are ranting about Microsoft GitHub when Apple decides to deprecate OpenGL support on macOS.


Gaming on Mac? Pah, Linux is where the fun happens.

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    Geez, there’s something I didn’t know.
    Wtf is MetalKit?
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    These moves from Apple are not newsworthy as they are what everyone expects from them.
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    @electrineer You are right. Apple always delivers such news. And they tend to only use one technology when there are alternatives.
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    Well, here is hoping the game engine I use port to Metal .... Or Apple don't remove totally OpenGL until at least a few years, but I won't hold my breath.
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    And why can they do a move like that? Because they have fucking monopole! Fuck them! Fuck extreme capitalism that allows this!
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    @-vim- monopole my ass. There are better alternatives for everything they do. The only thing Apple does better is marketing.
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    @electrineer what I mean is that they have a market share so big the devs have no choice following them
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    Thank you @DavidKevork for ++ing me into the thousands!
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    And thank you, @C0D4 for having my first Kibibyte of ++'s.
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