Who has the craziest (not largest per se) Production stack?

I just found out we have tomcat webapps, calling Angular, which is calling Java to call a Perl script.

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    Java webapplication on tomcat calling a php script which runs a shell script which calls several php scripts for wrapping an ssh tunnel for submitting remote commands on a second machine. this commands are doing callbacks to the first machine for fetching db files (shell/php/scp) 😁
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    My last job, with dockerized spring boot backend cluster with separately dockerized mariadb and portforwarding to a vps from the physical server to expose the api with ssl (because it was already set up on the vps and the ops guy quit) to a vuejs webapp.
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    PHP 3 calling some java 1.3 webapp which in turn runs a pearl script which gathers parameters to run a binary. And yes it's still used in production.
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    In a previous project I worked for, we had a Oracle BIEE with writeback that wrote rows in a DB, with a trigger that reads the parameters for a shell script which gathers additional data and sends it to a MSSQL DB, which executes a powershell that connects to a PHP page that refreshes the tables in the DWH entered in the first step.
    All this shit to comply to internal policies.
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    Button in ractive.js web app makes a Rest api call to a bridge written in smalltalk, which calls a script written in a custom js implementation. This will generate some json that is again passed to a smalltalk application that uses the json to manipulate a word documents backing XML file. The generated word document is then passed to a libre office installation to generate a PDF file that is passed back to the frontend.
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