!rant at all

My boss might quit. He's apparently tired of the abuse our job entails.

I'm not seeing much "abuse" except from him.

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    @singh029 don't know how effective I'll be 9 hours ahead of the people I'm supposed to lead and support... That's my biggest hesitation
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    Definitely agree with alex, he put it so well I have nothing to add, this could be the step for you finally forward, I also want to sub to the comments 😊
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    @singh029 ++ for appropriate capitalization with the #
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    @JoshBent @AlexDeLarge thank you both. I'll definitely let you know. He's been talking about it the whole time, but we'll see if he goes through with it. If not, I can get a tech job easily where we move, as we move, just hate writing resumes 😂

    Edit: I say easily because the gov helps spouses find work during pcs (permanent change of station)
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    I've found that when weak leaders get pressure from their management, they apply severe pressure on their own people.
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    @bahua I'm not going to disagree. I do feel like me pushing back is not helping, either 😂😂
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