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    Rust: You finish your beautiful horse but the borrow checker won't let you ride it. You need to start over.
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    c# : you need to build the horse starting from its atoms
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    Python : you just import the horse from the store, but the horse is wooden😂
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    Perl: Your horse looks like it's gone through a meat grinder, but it actually does its job
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    Haskell: you build your horse a
    Bit by bit and everything is nice and chill riding until the lazy evaluation catches you from behibnd and the horse explode
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    PHP: Wow, this horse written in C doesn't look good, but let's go to the battlefield anyway. **Yells in Apache** woolululooo!!!
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    <img src="horse.jpg" />
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    full comic (and source): https://toggl.com/blog/...
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    @bigworld12 whuut? I think you mean Assembler
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    Pascal: you built a horse. But it doesn't take horseshoes, saddle or reins because that would make it an incompatible type.
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    @athlon well, I just had in mind OOP, but assembly is even better now that you say it 😂
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    @RantSomeWhere I prefer:
    C: You built a horse, it sorta works. But you forgot it doesn’t clean up after itself and is shitting all over the place.

    I love C by the way.
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    8 years of Java development here. I know the pain. So glad to be doing Go now
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    PHP: you try to build the horse, you try the function build_horse, you try buildhorse, you try BuildHorse, you try buildHorse, and after trying every single naming convention, you build a rope to hang yourself, but it breaks
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    Elixir: you try to build the horse but unexpectedly you realize that there is no reason to build it, so you start to build a super optimized backend
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    Smalltalk: your horse is a joy to ride but VERY introverted.
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