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    Oh my god I can relate.
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    Core dump contains a lot more useful information than the Java stack trace.
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    @ClySuva oh does it? Just running it, it gives no information, unless you run it in the debugger. You could extract some info from the dump, but I would argue that an AIOOB exception gives much much more information by itself. On top of that, it is recoverable with a try catch, would love to do that with a segfault.

    And all of this while I heavily prefer C++ to Java.
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    @aritzh ah yes, in case of out of bounds array indeed. But if you are using C++, you should probably not use raw arrays, but some higher level types that can handle going out bounds, similarly, with exceptions.

    If you are using arrays or manually allocated memory, you know you are in the wild west and prepared to draw you debugger once the things go bad. :D

    But core dump contains whole memory, and you can go awfully deep to find the issue. Which sometimes you unfortunately have to do while developing low level programs.
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    The core dump is more reflective of the actual error, but it's hard to learn how to read those
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    Such a high def meme *drools*
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    Call to a member function get() on null on line 1

    Call to a member function balls() on null on line 2

    Call to a member function butts() on null on line 3

    Call to a member function boobs() on null on line 4

    Error: Allowed memory size of 12 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2 bytes)


    The function 'balls' is applied to two arguments, but its type '[Butt] -> Butt -> Butt' has only two.

    Couldn't match type 'b0' with '[Char]' 'b0' is untouchable inside the constraints (Functor ~ Functor) bound at a pattern with constructor F :: F Functor, in a case alternative in the pattern: F in a case alternative: F -> return "POOP" in the second argument of '($)', namely 'case F of { F -> return "POOP" }'
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    Static assert, assert, and STD libs. *mic drop* meme broken
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    Linker errors seriously gave me suicidal tendencies doing C++. Never again
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    Ah the segmentation error. Most of my class of *cs* guys freak out after seeing it, and boi do they see it so frequently. It just warms my cold cold heart.
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    @stijnie2210 what's with that? Once you get it right it just stays there :)
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