Have you heard about the Embrace, Expand and Extinguish idealogy? lets think about it:

Javascript 5 (embrace) -> Typescript and Class syntax to Javascript 6 (extend) -> JS (extinguish) with WebASM.

Atom/Electron (embrace) -> Atom fork named "VSCode" (extend) -> Atom (extinguish) as it was developbed by Github company.

NodeJS (embrace) -> incompatible Node Windows fork with IE/Edge JS engine "Chakra" (extend) -> NodeJS (extinguish soon) with chaos of Typescript, Javascript 6 and Github.

"R" lang (embrace) -> incompatible SQL Server 2016 R lang extension (extend) -> R lang (extinguish soon).

Android -> CyanogenMod (embrace) -> CyanogenMod (extinguish) as M$ "sponsored" Cyanogen Inc to destroy CyanogenMod

Linux (prejudge) -> sponsors RedHat, Debian, SuSE, Alpine and Canonical/Ubuntu (embrace), forces unstable backdoored "systemd" -> Linux (extinguish soon)
Reusing the last image I did because I didnt wanted to make more OC stuff cos the few ++ gained arent worth it

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    Nice subtle self plug 👀
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    I see what you mean but I think Microsoft has other worries right now.

    They need to earn the trust of the people and especially developers.

    These EEE shenanigans won't help them much.
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    GNU > MSFT's fork of GNU > Microsoft Unix Utilities
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    Unless browsers stop existing, js is not gonna die.

    Node isn't going anywhere.

    Atom isn't gonna die. MS confirmed it.

    Linux... Ahahahaha. No.
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    The more you tighten your grip, the more ~~star~~ programming systems will slip through your fingers.
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