The frustration you get in designing when the colors you want in your prototype design isn't the same color in your device. SO FRUSTRATED. I use an amoled device as my test phone. Looks terrible.

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    didn't use google material design color guide ?
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    @hendratay I did. It just didn't came out the way I designed it. The color seems more saturated. Or maybe it's just because of my device screen?
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    Im going to assume youre using a galaxy s9 because of the gif and the s9 does havw adaptive colour in the display settings. This usually makea colours pastel in direct light environments and gloss in dark environments but it may be affecting your prototype. Try changing it in settings>display.
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    @ddanny I've tried that and still it displays different color scheme vs my laptop. 😂
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    @deight I guess the best option is get more devices! Haha, that will tell you quickly which is the odd one out.
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    @ddanny now that's an idea! I don't think my comoany will provide the devices though. Hahaha My test phone is my personal phone 😂
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