Jesus Christ, if the cucks at this company don't start cleaning the coffee machine them-fucking-selves, I'm going to flip my shit.
There's been a chalk warning for about a month now and nobody is doing shit about it.
They leave the excess coffee powder in until either I clean it out or it literally starts to mold.
And it's not like they don't use it, everybody here drinks at least two cups a day, do you not care if it tastes at least a little all right!?
Nobody is ever going to get even a half decent cup out of this janky piece of shit.

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    This seems to be a widespread phenomenon. It's exactly why I stopped drinking coffee at work about six months ago.
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    Now that you have made it acceptable to say that... I hate coffee.
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    If it also dispenses cappuccino or hot chocolate, try mixing those containers up and leave them with a pleasant surprise ;) They'll have to taste there's something wrong with it.
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    @Alice @ODXT pallets vary. I love coffee and am not a picky eater. Unclean coffee making equipment does affect the taste
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    Although, culture changes the taste even more. I've have sampled several different coffees, but I just don't like it.

    PS USA coffee is water.
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    @ODXT that’s like your opinion. But I mean fast food coffee yes. But drink a Starbucks dark roast and tell me it doesn’t taste smooth and a lil smokey. I much prefer the blonde espresso to the blonde roast though.
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    Yes it's my opinion, I just don't find coffee that appealing. But I still think that each culture makes their coffee slightly different.

    I live in Puerto Rico, we have Starbucks here. So I know they have different types of drinks. But what I mean is that each culture's preferences on coffee is different.

    Here we like it stronger, Café.
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