Story time.....

I only had one mentor. I am a self-learned guy.

He was my mentor in a company where I was interning. He was a Senior Android Developer and I was just a rookie Android Developer working under him.

He never taught me directly but at times he used to send me links of a source for the problem I was having.

At the end of my first working day, I asked him-"Do you think I was useful to you today? "

He bluntly replied-"Nope, none at all"

Those words hit me so hard. My eyes became moist. When I thought about It I did realize that day I was overwhelmed by so many topics I was new to. I was determined to work my ass off from the next day. And I did.

Fast forward to the last day at the company. It was 31'st December, we were having New Years Eve's party. Everyone was a little drunk except for the interns. In front of everyone, my mentor said-"You were the best intern I have ever had such a good intern that I did not have to work last few days", everyone agreed and then he hugged me.

I was on the seventh heaven that day. Throughout my journey back home, I had a broad smile on my face.

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    Sugoi indeed
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    I too have had a mentor that was hard . I will never forget the experience . I had no idea the challenges that were being compiled on my task list were tests , that apparently i did not realise were such until I was told one day that I would be running operations .

    Keep in mind , my field is not technology , but mentoring is priceless . The hard mentors are the best .
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    @devTea Haha, at last someone gets it.
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    @JDMatto Totally agree
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