Well... let’s see if they’re worth the price

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    Spoiler Alert: They hurt you Ears.
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    I bought those as a present for a friend once. For that price, they suck.
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    Hardware Canucks did a big review of gaming headsets. They're all pretty much total garbage. They're all overpriced, plastic, shit.

    Honestly, get a pair of the Sennheiser HD1s or the Sony WH1000XMs and pair them via Bluetooth. They have built-in mics (even though they're not boom mics) and they'd probably do way better on games than the "gaming" models.
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    Tried them, I like the Corsair Void Wireless RGB better...
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    oh and here's a link to that review:

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    It's razer ... of course it sucks.
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    But... they still look cool :D
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    I tried the rgb one, for years when i was a (pro) gamer, it hurted my ears like nothing. But it works, the sound have too much bass for me tho.

    And ++ for bayerdinamics
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    Laughs in audiotechnica
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    Fuck. I wanted to copy rant link but clicked on report by mistake. If any mod checks this coz of the report, my bad y'all.
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    @hashedram why would you copy the link in the first place? 🧐
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    @athlon no reason
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