Just set up a Vim profile on my keyboard. Is it going to help me any? Probably not. But it does look cool!

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    I am looking for a 'non mechanical'-Keyboard with customizable RGB leds. Do you know one?

    Btw: looks great :D
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    @Levy I don’t, but mechanical keyboards are awesome. Why don’t you want one?
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    I don't quite get why mechanical keyboards are that awesome. In my opinion, the disadvantages of mechanical keyboards outweighs advantages.

    My 'perfect' keyboard should...

    - be silent
    - have a number pad
    - have not too flat and not too high keys
    - have customizable LEDs
    - have makro keys
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    @Levy Steelseries Apex?
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    @Levy other than the silent part you just described my keyboard. I love the clackyness though
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    > be silent
    There are a number of quiet switches just for this reason. They're quite nice. There are also sound dampening O-rings as well.

    > not too high, not too low
    Subjective, but there are different key cap profiles for people that like tall or short keys.

    > LEDs
    RGB LEDs completely customizable are pretty common :)

    > Macros
    I have a keyboard that has 3 programmable layers for tons of macro fun. Programmable layers are decently common in the mech key community :)

    If you have other questions, I'm happy to answer!

    If you want links of what I'm talking about I can supply those too
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    @dev0urer the clackyness might sound good but I don't want anyone to hear it for hours when talking in Discord... So... Nope :/

    But (as far as I can tell from the pic) your keyboard looks great ... So maybe I just need to change the O-Rings like @tylerleonhardt said...
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    @Levy Just go for red switches, they're linear instead of clicky which makes them pretty quiet. Esp with o-rings.
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    I recommend the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2.0

    The RGB's are bright and there is even a mat for the palm of your hand.
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    @Levy Corsair k55 non mechanical keys so way quieter custom RGB LED and six macro keys on the left. And very good price not ridiculous like razors
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    @Kryptic0 I'll take a look - thanks :)
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    Looks cool, you might wanna try changing Esc to Caps Lock key and you are done.

    As of keyboard, haven't really liked Cherry switches. Personally in <3 with Topre.
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    @Mrs403 yeah it would be nice if I could find a replacement keycap for the caps lock button. I’d love to replace it with escape
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