Thanks everyone for giving me enough ++ to get my very own stress ball, also a special thanks zuckABird. If it wasn't for your data collecting madness i would of missed out. Ha

  • 7
    Impressive, 763++ in total of which 505 in a single rant.

    I have not even got 300++ in one of my rants :'(
    But I bought my stressball

    Edit: my most incremented rant has 168 increments xD
  • 5
    Woah, I don't have a single rant over 500, but my rants are just boring I guess
  • 1
    Mine is on the way 😊

    Other rants closing 500 votes too.

    P.S.: I know we can claim it only once. But that was just for records.
  • 0
    Ha thanks! It came with a hd wallpaper also
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