I'm considering giving every new employee a WinRAR license.

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    Why not give em a 7zip license?
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    Funfact: I don't know how universal this is, but at least the company my dad works at can't have trial software for various legal reasons I don't fully understand. Long story short, they bought about 80 Winrar keys.
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    promoteRant("https://devrant.com/rants/1332354/...").apply { Promotion.Style.SHAMELESS }
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    I mean 7z is much much better.
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    So you give them nothing
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    I am waiting for it, totally ready. Please hand them out with somesorta remote deployment to my non existent Windows machine. Oh wait, I have one that is out-of-business, except for my remote workspace

    Long story short, just get me a key @xalys
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