I'm considering giving every new employee a WinRAR license.

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    Why not give em a 7zip license?
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    Funfact: I don't know how universal this is, but at least the company my dad works at can't have trial software for various legal reasons I don't fully understand. Long story short, they bought about 80 Winrar keys.
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    @jobylie that's probably complete made up bullshit from people in that company who don't know how it really works (a ban on all trial softwares, no matter their licenses and stuff, and saying it has legal reasons is complete bullshit, no matter where you live). Just like all the bullshit my brother made up when he started his business, just to reason his stupidity and missing knowledge when asked.
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    @jobylie well, that's Winrars business model
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    @jobylie trials can often not be used for commercial purpose since its main point is to just try it out. WinRAR earns most of its money from commercial usage
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    promoteRant("https://devrant.com/rants/1332354/...").apply { Promotion.Style.SHAMELESS }
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    I mean 7z is much much better.
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    So you give them nothing
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