Legit question: Why are there so many people coding in javascript while so many people are saying it is actually a bad language? Why is everybody coding in a "bad" language?

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    Because its a braindead easy language employers can abuse with low pay and high employment rates. Same with php.
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    JS is the most used language here on devRant (I have stats... just need to make visuals for them)

    It’s unfortunately a necessary evil, unless web devs all go back to using IE and VB script to do things again, there’s really no alternative for what it does at a browser level.

    For backend, Node devs are just aching for punishment.
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    *the language doesn't matter, it's what you do with it*
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    As @COD4 said, for the browser its either js or something that cross compiles to js like typescript which is my preferred one.

    For server, well js is very easy to get started with in node, no fuss configuring a server, just create a project, start it and you can test.

    Also, when node came out it was very fast compared to many other as long as you knew how to use it.

    And its very easy to pack a project for easy deployment anywhere.

    That let a lot of people start building small apps.

    But it has its drawbacks. Its very easy to loose the performance and if the app grows you have to be disciplined to not get very tangled code.
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    Because it's not a bad language.
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    Welcome to theory of relativity 😊
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    @Floydian what does the amount of users have to do with the quality of the feedback? There might just aswell be many people talking about js being good.
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    @simulate what? Theory of relativity has nothing to do with quantity and quality.
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    @Floydian yes, then what were you referring to?
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    @simulate it is all about perspectives.

    Everyone's use case us different. One size cannot fit all.
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    @Floydian I didnt rate JS in any way. I was just wondering about my statistics. I was wondering why everybody uses it if all I hear is that its bad. "Dont make another js framework", "I use JS and dont complain about it", *JS Patrick & Programmer Manta meme*...
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    @simulate because you only listen to one side. And see acts of other side.

    Switch them. See the acts of first side and listen to other side.
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    Mostly js catches flack from ES5 and back times and it has some weird idiosyncrasies that rarely come up in real world programming. Also the quality of code, frameworks, and (npm) packages varies A LOT. Like a metric fuck noodle ton.
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    Because it’s trendy at the moment. Non technical bosses love buzzwords and there are plenty of those in JavaScript framework names.
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    It's a very good allrounder language. TypeScript is really needed for me though.
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