So, here I am at a guided internship programme, hosted by Indian Railways.

They told us to report at the Personnel Office by 10:00 AM. When I reached there, they told us the venue has been changed (to a place 1km away, with no transportation) and the official "forgot" to inform the 500+ candidates.

Yet, we moved to the said Hall, and am waiting for 1 hour (10:59 AM here), watching :
1. The stupid technician trying to align the projector
2. The stupid presenter trying to copy something and failing, as his pen drive gets disconnected halfway the process.
3. The VIPs having snacks and coffee on-stage while we the students wait here looking at those dumb assholes.

How am I supposed to respect them tomorrow at work?

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    Dude it's Indian Railway, they're always late 10min stands for 30min
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    Wow i never heard of an railway company that is worse than deutsche bahn.
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    It's Indian Railways, these are no big deal for them
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    I interned at southern railways 4 years ago. Good luck. You'll need it. At least they're consistent.
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    Bhai Tatkal book karwane me help karna.
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    @Floydian 😂😂 not possible mostly Apr to June. Chacha railway mein hone chahiye 🤣
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    @const note to self
    1) Make app like devrant for chachas working in railways
    2) Rant about ppl asking to book tickets
    3) ???
    4) Profit
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    @Floydian, I'm with personnel 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Update: Today is the second day. Reporting time was 9 AM. I arrived at 9:30. Still early.

    No sign of the mentors even at 9:46
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    @sniped-sippet 😂😂😂
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    @sniped-sippet make sure they didn't came before you and gone 🤣
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